Can I buy a vehicle online at Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram?

June 2nd, 2021 by

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So, it’s time to buy a vehicle. You have spent several hours and days researching, investigating, and trying to decide which car, truck, or SUV you want. Happily, you have done this from the comfort of your couch, but now it’s time to commit. You look out the living room window to see the bright southwest sun baking the cement, and you wonder– “How do I buy a car online near me?” “Can it be delivered to Las Vegas? Cedar City? Mesquite? Salt Lake?”
The answer to all of these questions is a resounding “Yes.”

Here at Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, our experienced sales team takes pride in having the longest running online buying experience in St. George, Utah. We are confident in our ability to bring you a quality experience. From the moment you pick up the phone to call to the time of delivery, we are here to answer any and all of your questions.
How do you buy a car online?

We really aren’t kidding when we say Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has been helping their customers purchase online for years.
The first step in your ownership journey is to pick the vehicle you are interested in. Input your name, phone number, and email on the new or used car, truck, or SUV of your choice, and we will reach out via your preferred contact as soon as possible.
Congratulations! You’re on the path to owning a new vehicle.
When our inventory specialist does reach out to you, he or she will begin by verifying they have the correct vehicle of interest on file. They may ask you a series of questions. These questions help us to establish how we may best serve you and may include:
Have you test-driven the vehicle?

Your sales associate may encourage you to set up a time for a priority test drive. This would allow us the opportunity to go over your wants and needs in person. As well as enable you to confirm the vehicle is truly what you are looking for.
Do you live in the state of Utah?

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, taxes are paid to the state in which you will be registering the vehicle. If you live in Nevada, Arizona, California, or anywhere else, we will need to identify your tax rate. Don’t worry, though; we work with out-of-state purchasers on a daily basis. The process is simple. We do the paperwork and send it to your local DMV.
Do you owe money on my current vehicle?

Don’t stress! We work with this situation every day. Depending on the amount you still owe versus the value of your vehicle, there are many options available to you. We will need your ten-day pay off from your lender. You can get that information from them yourself, or Stephen Wade can do that on your behalf.
Do you currently have a lease?

If so, no problem. Depending on who you leased your car, truck, or SUV through, we have options available, including possibly using it as a trade. Be sure to tell your sales associate that your current vehicle is a lease so that we can start work on that right away. Once we have established where you are in the buying process, we can now take a few moments to answer any questions you may have for us. Some of the more common ones are:

How do I get financed over the internet?

You can find our finance application form on the home page of the Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram website under “Apply for Financing.”
We will also need a finance application for any possible co-signers you may have. Don’t forget to tell us who they are!
When we have gathered this information, we will again encourage you to set up a time for us to go over your financial information in person. We can also schedule a phone call with you as long as we have verified your identity beforehand.

Do you use my bank or credit union?

We work with over forty lending institutions that offer a myriad of financing options. If your bank isn’t one of our preferred lenders, we are confident we can find competitive rates.

How do I trade my vehicle in when I buy online?

Stephen Wade Auto Center works closely with Carfax and Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer to ensure that you are given top dollar for your trade-in. In order to provide you with the best price, these programs calculate the local market values for Mesquite, Las Vegas, Cedar City, and Salt Lake. The information you input into Carfax or Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer auto-populates into our computer system and saves you just a little more time.
Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram also offers in-person trade appraisals at no cost to you.
Still comfortable on your couch? That’s ok. We can go over specific photos of your trade that we will need.

What other information do I need to have?

Be sure to have a copy of your auto insurance, proof of address, proof of income, and your driver’s license all handy during the car buying process.

How much of the process can I do online?

Almost all of it. Our online buying experience does require some of the paperwork to be hand-delivered to you by a notary. We will need to talk on the phone a few times to verify and coordinate our visit with you.

Do I have to come into the building?

No. Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram can have your car, truck, or SUV delivered directly to you. After you have sent us all the necessary information, we can have a notary come to your home to sign the papers. Once the documents are signed, we can send the vehicle to you. Make sure to ask your sales associate about transportation and notary fees.

What if I don’t have my trade-in vehicle with me?

Is the vehicle you are planning on trading registered and/or titled to you? If so, we may be able to pick the car up, depending on its location and your ownership status. Be ready to calculate some additional transportation fees.

What if I can’t pick my new purchase up until next month?

Holding a sold vehicle for an extended period of time is not ideal. As you can imagine, there is a significant amount of traffic that happens here at Stephen Wade, and we would hate for your vehicle to be accidentally damaged while it waited to come home to you. As an alternative, we can have the car transported to your residence.

Is filling out this information online safe?

Yes. Our website is secure and encrypted. The safety of your personal data is our top priority.

What if I want to sign the papers at home?

Not a problem. We have a team of notaries ready to come to you. They will set up a time for you to meet them either in your home or at a location of your choosing. To better protect you, we also insist that our notaries verify your identity before signing any documents. Once the paperwork is all signed, we can start the transportation process.

How far can you deliver?

Typically, we find that customers in Mesquite, Las Vegas, Cedar City and Salt Lake City prefer to pick their vehicle up at the dealership, but we can transport it to them. It is not unheard of, however, for us to transport a purchase as far as Florida or Hawaii. We cannot deliver out of the United States.

Buying online feels overwhelming. Where do I start?

No worries! We want to make sure that your experience with us is as hassle and stress free as possible. Depending on what your motivating factors are, we suggest picking a vehicle or filling out a trade-evaluation form. Then, when one of our agents reaches out to you, feel free to explain your goal of buying online. He or she has been well-trained on how to best serve you during this process.
Don’t forget, if the first vehicle you find doesn’t work for you, we have a diverse inventory with thirteen brands in one location. We are confident we will be able to help you. Why? Because you’ve got it made at Stephen Wade.