Jeeps like to hide easter eggs on their vehicles, see what we found. 

January 27th, 2021 by


Southern Utah is a Jeep enthusiast playground. There are many Jeeps in this area and if you are a Jeep owner you might have noticed one of the many easter eggs hidden somewhere on your Jeep.


 These easter eggs reference people who may have had a hand in the design process or some are callbacks to the original Jeep Willie. Jeeps have been adding easter eggs to their vehicles since 1997. The first easter egg was the seven-bar grille in the Jeeps cowl as an homage to the original Jeep Willie. 

Each Jeep has an easter egg that has some type of tie into the Jeep culture. For example, with the 2020 Jeep Gladiator and Wranglers when you start the vehicle you can see a little Jeep drive across the dashboard screen. They also feature an image of the original Jeep Willie that fades to the modern Jeep you see today. On the Jeep Gladiator, you can also find two dirt bike tracks on the bed’s cab wall. These tracks are there because the Gladiator’s lead designer is an avid dirt biker, as well as these marks, will also help guide you to load up two dirt bikes. A pair of flip-flops often are located on the car as a shout-out to long-time Jeep enthusiast and magazine writer, Rick Pew because he is often seen rocking a pair of flip-flops. On other Jeeps such as the Renegade and the Compass, bigfoot or the loch ness monster as well as other unique easter eggs can be found on the back windshield. On Renegades, you can find a spider by the fuel filter saying  “Ciao baby” as a reference to Fiat. Most Jeeps also have a little Jeep Willie driving up the border of the front windshield.

There are so many easter eggs when it comes to Jeep, and each model has something different. So whether you’re a long time Jeep owner or just getting you’re first, look around and see what you can find. Check out our Jeep selection at Stephen Wade Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, where you’ve got it made at Stephen Wade.  


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